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When it comes to pruning with scissors it is important to choose the most appropriate pruning shears with the work that will be done. Here you can find a variety of pruning shears to have your garden in perfect condition.

Types of pruning shears

We can find many types of scissors but the best way to group them will be according to the type of cut and depending on the size or thickness of the branch you want to count.

Scissors according to type of cut

We find two types of fundamental cuts:

  • Sliding Court. They are those scissors suitable for green wood because one of the leaves holds the branch and the other is the one that is responsible for cutting.
  • Shears or anvil. They are better for dead or very hard branches since apart from having the function of cutting, it also compresses.

    Scissors according to size and branch dimension

    • Pruning shears for one hand. They are smaller in size to cut the branches with also reduced size.
    • Pruning shears for two hands. These have a larger dimension and you can use it with both hands. We can find them in various sizes and materials.

      Both scissors can be found with sliding type (by pass) or shear type (anvil).

      We can also find the pole-type ones. These are used to perform pruning tasks in height thanks to their telescopic handles ( telescopic handles Outils Wolf )

      Choice of scissors according to the plant to be pruned

      In Ferrovertical We have scissors from to mow the lawn to prune branches. You can find the scissors you are looking for from the best brands such as: Altuna , BAHCO , Outils Wolf, ...

      It is not the same to cut the grass (scissors of one hand), that to cut hedges (scissors of two hands even with extensible handle) or flowers (scissors with long leaves).

      Tips for perfect pruning

      • The cuts have to be clean.
      • Cut in an inclined way.
      • The blade must go into the cut but the counter part should not be inserted.

        Keep in mind the pruning calendars for cleaning and preparing the flowering and have an perfect garden.

        Choose your pruning shears at the best price with Ferrovertical and decide to buy quality pruning shears.


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