herramientasFerrovertical is a specialized online hardware store online hardware store specializing in the sale of items for bricolaje, gardening, hardware, plumbing, ..We specialize in pruning and especially in the height pruning.

We have customer service highly valued in our sector. Our more than 25 years of experience in the sale and professional advice on the tools that we have in this online hardware store make the difference on the other online options.

Main products of our catalog

-          Prunning Tools:

As we mentioned before, we are specialized in pruning tools and to be more specific on height prunning.These are the most outstanding tools: Bicycle PRUNNING, saws for pruning, the ax cutting palm tools or corvellot, the pruning saws and of course the tools that give us security as the harness, boots, gloves, ... PPE or professional clothing that is very necessary in our daily work that provide us not only security but also agility in the tasks.

-         Irrigation Tools:

It is important to use good irrigation tools, such as irrigation programmers that help us improve the performance of our garden, as they allow us to save water and optimize irrigation conditions. We highlight the programmer of Irrigation Toro for professional use and the Irrigation Programmer Gárdena for the use of small gardens. 

-          Gardening Tools:

Increasingly widespread in our country and mainly as entertainment, gardening takes up a lot of our free time and relax us. It is always good to have the best tools that allow us to take maximum care of our garden, flowers and disinfected parasites and other pathogens. In this case we highlight the Matabi backpacks or sprayers that will help us with watering and disinfecting the plants.

-          Treatment for swimming pools

Not only the pools need maintenance products for summer dates, in most cases we will do preventive maintenance. Products as necessary as algicides or chlorine for swimming pools are available at a very good price


-          Other categories

Bricolage tools, professional tool boxes, water pumps, plumbing tools or small appliances can also be found in our Cheap Online Hardware store.

We advise you to go around all our sections and if you miss something, ask us.

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